4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care

4-C Social Emotional Support Specialist

Daycare provider and child coloring and having fun together

The 4-C Social Emotional Support Specialist works in partnership with families and child care professionals to foster the social emotional growth of children.  Children with increased social emotional skills are better able to identify and regulate their emotions, to empathize with the emotions of others, to form healthy relationships with caregivers and peers, and to play and interact cooperatively with friends and family.

Services are provided to parents and child care staff in person, by phone and via video conference.  Parents are welcome to contact the Social Emotional Support Specialist either through their child care provider or by calling direct.

Maureen McMurrough  MSW  CADC

4-C Social Emotional Support Specialist

(815) 758-8149 ext. 289


Consultant services include:

  • Providing parents with a safe, non-judgmental place to ask questions, seek resources and discuss parenting challenges
  • Fostering healthy relationships between parents, children and childcare professionals by providing consultation and resources to promote social emotional growth
  • Partnering with teachers and parents to create and implement plans to help children experience success in and out of the classroom environment
  • Providing consultation to parents with children exhibiting challenging behaviors at home and/or in child care environment
  • Observing children in their child care setting, conferring with parents about the observation, and making referrals as needed
  • Linking families and child care staff with appropriate community services