4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care

ExceleRate® Illinois

ExceleRate® Illinois – Preparing Children for Success

For many families, one of their first important decisions is choosing the best child care setting for their child. Now there’s help with ExceleRate® Illinois.

ExceleRate® Illinois is a quality recognition and improvement system that helps child care programs to improve the quality of care. Families can find programs that focus on quality by looking for the Circles of Quality.

  • Licensed Circle of Quality
  • Bronze Circle of Quality
  • Silver Circle of Quality
  • Gold Circle of Quality

Why Quality Matters

Research in science and brain development shows that it’s how you engage with a child in the first five years that shapes their ability to be successful in life.

When quality is the focus in the first five years, children are more prepared for school and life.

Prepared for School

  • Achieves basic developmental milestones
  • Acts curious and ready to learn
  • Interacts well with other children and adults

Prepared for Life

  • High college attendance and graduation rates
  • Greater job stability and earning potential
  • Lower rates of poverty

For more information about ExceleRate® Illinois visit http://www.excelerateillinois.com/

Look for a child care provider with an ExceleRate® Illinois Circle of Quality