4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care

Family Enrichment Team


Rose joined the FEP team in May 2020. Rose states, ” I enjoy empowering caregivers and strengthening families using powerful interactions to support different areas of learning. Watching families grow is beautiful.”

Irene joined the FEP team in October 2019. Irene states, “ The most rewarding part of my job is going into the homes and working along with the parents. Then going back week after week and seeing the progress their child has made along with the bond the parent and child have built.”

Tokelia joined the FEP team in May 2020. Tokelia states, “I enjoy being able to work with families and seeing the growth of a child(ren). I also enjoy seeing the bond being develop between the families and the child(ren).”

Frankie joined the FEP team in March of 2022. Frankie states “ Providing support and guidance to families is highly rewarding to me, it provides the opportunity to share experiences and resources that could benefit the families in their day-to-day lives”.  

Starr joined the FEP team in August 2022, she has been with 4C since Feb 2017. Starr states, “I love that fact that we can express the fun, imagination, and joy that kids bring to this world and we get to experience that with the parents as they grow and learn while engaging with the children.”