4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care

Family Enrichment Team



Jodie joined the FEP team in September of 2011 as a parenting consultant for the Family Enrichment Program. After taking a year off, Jodie returned in October of 2014 as Program Manager. “What I truly enjoy most about this program is watching parents assist their children in becoming confident and capable learners.”

Briana joined the FEP team in January of 2012. Briana states, “One aspect of my job that I truly enjoy is building relationships with families. It is an honor and privilege to come alongside parents and celebrate in their child’s growth and development.”

Katisha joined the FEP team in 2019. “I appreciate the fact that families are willing to share a very important part of their lives with me. I enjoy supporting the bonds within the families and being there for so many exciting milestones!”

Irene joined the FEP team in October 2019. Irene states, “ The most rewarding part of my job is going into the homes and working along with the parents. Then going back week after week and seeing the progress their child has made along with the bond the parent and child have built.”