4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care

ExceleRate® Illinois

Make Quality a Priority

As an early learning and development program, you appreciate the importance of making quality a priority. Research confirms that the way we engage with children from birth through kindergarten significantly impacts school readiness and success throughout their lives. ExceleRate® Illinois gives you a framework to make continuous quality improvements in your program.

ExceleRate® Illinois helps programs prepare children for success in school and in life by:

  • Clearly defining standards and processes for quality improvement
  • Focusing on continuous quality improvement
  • Helping providers access training, consultation and other resources
  • Recognizing and rewarding quality improvement achievements

ExceleRate® Illinois uses a consistent set of standards organized into four areas to measure quality:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Leadership and Management
  • Qualifications and Continuing Education

Circles of Quality

The Licensed Circle of Quality reflects compliance with licensing standards

The Bronze Circle of Quality reflects your efforts around training and education

The Silver Circle of Quality signals that you have completed a rigorous self- assessment process and made improvements indicated

The Gold Circle of Quality indicates you have met even higher levels of quality on the standards as verified by an independent assessor

Let us help you get started in ExceleRate® Illinois

Our Quality Specialists provide:

  • Information about ExceleRate® Illinois processes and standards
  • Assistance with deciding which Circle of Quality is the best option for your program
  • Guidance developing Continuous Quality Improvement Plans to help you meet the ExceleRate® Illinois Standards
  • Support in your leadership role as you navigate the change process and implement continuous quality improvement practices
  • Information about resources and financial supports available through 4-C and statewide
  • Facilitation of Quality Improvement Funds ExceleRate® Illinois Cohorts to help programs meet their continuous quality improvement goals
  • Resources for Programs Pursuing ExceleRate® Illinois

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Contact us: 815-758-8149 x296 or Email

When visiting child care programs the Quality Specialist do not monitor or investigate programs. Any visits to child care programs are to provide consultation, technical assistance, resources and support.

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